While Cerberus Sleeps

Available now!

I’m excited to announce that my first novel, While Cerberus Sleeps, is available in both paperback and ebook formats. Buy it on Amazon!


Live free, or disappear.

In the Hesperia Territory, revolution never wins. Fledgling reporter Mila Ray should know — for generations, her ancestors have died trying to overthrow their insidious, ever-watching government. She’s determined to find another way.

A whistleblower shares chilling government secrets and begs Mila to go with him to the Belgae, a small but growing group of insurgents who intend battle. She agrees — but the plan goes terribly wrong, and Mila must run from a sadistic Hesperian agent who has his own twisted agenda for her.

As she plunges into the crevices of her society, a chance encounter reveals a powerful new ally that would allow Mila a chance to incite a revolution unlike any Hesperia has ever known… or watch history repeat itself.

What readers are saying…

“Overall, this book is poised to speak to a world that desires to wake up from the nightmare of human history and find a way of Life that transcends the typical violent solutions to violent problems. Though it is futuristic fiction, it is far more relevant to our present world than one might expect.” – Charles, Amazon.com

“Even during the darkest moments of the story, I couldn’t put the book down because Leah is a master of the suspense that keeps you wanting to know what happens next. Her well-crafted tale is filled with unexpected turns and constant insights that were a pleasure to read and easy to relate to.” – Amazon customer

“Outstanding book! After reading the book, I was left with so many contradictory emotions of contentment and sadness. Contentment because I had just finished such a wonderful read, but sadness because I honestly wish I could see this made into a movie. The book is written in a way that engrossed me and my imagination with each chapter, as if it were developing in front of me!” – Daniel, Goodreads