Happy new year!

Well the holiday season–and 2016–really blew by. I hope you all were able to savor the magic of the season. We loved our first Christmas with two little tots (well, a baby and a tot) and we’re swinging into a new normal now that the baby girl is joining her brother at the parent’s morning out program two mornings a week. This means I can write with more regularity!

My index cards are back on the wall–this time for what I call a “folk fantasy” story. But I’m not quite ready to tap out words on a screen. Not yet. One of the biggest lessons I learned in getting Cerberus done is that I need to do more plotting up front; I was almost entirely a “discovery writer” for that story, meaning that I didn’t know how it was going to end. It took several drafts and some substantial changes in order to make the story stronger and more consistent, etc. Though I probably will never be a huge plotter like some other writers are, I definitely am swinging more toward the halfway mark between “plotter” and “seat-of-the-pants-er” (as Brandon Sanderson called it).

Interestingly enough, my best creative breakthroughs come when I’m not staring at the screen but instead doing some activity that lets my mind drift a little bit… like driving my kids all around town while they sleep. (Yes, that’s me, neighbors! Not a criminal in a green Kia Soul!) I’ve gotten lots of plotting done while I daydream and drive, drive, drive, just so they will nap. My husband and I are the Rand McNallys of our town now. Does that reference date me? I just turned thirty. Okay–Google Maps. We’re the Google Maps of our town now. That’s better.

I’ve got to stay active and get other things done even as I itch to make good headway on my next novel, so I’ve got a few items on my to-do list that should help improve things at home while still letting my imagination take flight. By the time I lay some mulch around the house and paint the kitchen, I’m hoping to have enough of the plot figured out that I can hunker down in my favorite coffee shop twice a week (and maybe after bedtime, too) and start stringing words together.

So that’s my little update on my second novel. Many of you have asked me questions pertaining to While Cerberus Sleeps(“Will there be a sequel?”), and I plan to answer those in another post soon. In the meantime, I would love it if you would click that little “Sign Me Up” button to your left so you can receive emails whenever I post (which won’t be too often–don’t get scared), because that’s how I’ll let you know about deals and sneak peeks, etc. And if you read the book and enjoyed it, please leave a brief review!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week! It’s almost time for me to pick up the kids and start driving around.


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