Acting and the Freelance Writer: Who’d Have Thought?

Before I graduated college, I pursued acting for a time. From school theater to community theater, and then from short films to a bit of extra work, I finally attained my goal of starring in a feature-length independent film. Some people who visit this site stumble upon it because they saw Upside (thanks for watching, guys!).

I never thought my years in acting would come in handy as a freelance writer, of all things. But when one of my clients asked me if I’d be up for hosting a couple of videos for their website, I was excited – and nervous – about dusting off the ol’ acting skills.

So yesterday I commuted to a beautiful, century-old hotel in midtown and after a few takes (working on my own and behind the scenes for the past few years started to make me wonder if I’d lost it!), shot a couple of videos (and I wrote the scripts, too!).

Anyway – that was this week’s adventure in freelance writing. Who’d have thought?